Hi and thanks for joining me here on the internet!

I’m not going to lie. Entertainment self-promotional websites of OTHER people intrigue me. Creating one for myself and trolling the internet for fancy-pants tory ross pics gives me the heebie-jeebies. But here we are! Together! Thanks again!

Born in NH, and raised by British parents and community theaters across America (Lincoln NH’s Weathervane Theatre, All Children’s Theatre in Providence, NORD Theater in New Orleans, Muse Machine in Ohio, I decided that the best of times were the theatrical times.

Shocking my parents by pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre at CCM, I moved to New York and “did the damn thing." (qtd. Hannah B, ABC’s The Bachelorette). Favorite war stories include getting yelled at by Mel Brooks on the first day of rehearsal for my first professional job (Producers, second national tour) for stealing focus, getting thrown on with no rehearsal for a part I understudied in Broadway’s Cry-Baby on the first preview and opening the musical in a completely different role I understudied, singing backup for James Taylor at a benefit for ASTEP, shocking my parents again by playing the “Jerry Cam Stripper” in Jerry Springer the musical at Carnegie Hall, etc, etc. What a fun time I had in my twenties!

I got a little more serious in my thirties, mostly because of a mortgage, but managed to still have loads of fun. I met my husband on the internet and he brought me out west where I’ve been mostly, unapologetically, taking care of the two small clowns in the picture above (Beatrice and Malcolm, aged 3).

I’m now teaching, exercising, performing occasionally as childcare permits and diving back into life. Click and peruse and drop me a line!